Deported A-level student Yashika Bageerathi 'alone and scared' in Mauritius

Yashika told ITV News she is scared in Mauritius and does not know what to do. Credit: ITV News

The A-level student deported to Mauritius last night has told ITV News she is alone and scared, back in the country her family fled in 2011.

19-year-old Yashika Bageerathi was put on a plane last night, after a last-ditch legal injunction to keep her in the UK by her supporters failed.

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Her school friends had campaigned on her behalf and started a petition signed by more than 170,000 people, calling for her to be allowed to complete her exams in the UK. Speaking from Mauritius, Yashika told ITV News she was scared and alone, and did not know what to do.

Video report from UK Editor Lucy Manning.

The teenager described to ITV News how difficult her deportation was: She was taken from Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre, told she was flying the same night, did not get to see her family before she left, and was accompanied by four security guards on the flight.

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Yashika said her ordeal was the most horrible thing that had happened to her, and she never imagined she would actually be sent back to Mauritius alone.

Immigration Minister James Brokenshire wrote to Yashika Bageerathi's local MP David Burrowes today, outlining the reasons he could not intervene to enable her to stay in the UK to finish her A-levels.

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The letter, across three pages, details how Yashika's case was decided, and the factors that prompted the court's decision. Mr Brokenshire says he has personally reviewed the case again and said he "did not consider it appropriate to intervene in this case".

Speaking from Mauritius, the teenager urged the government to reconsider, and allow her back to the UK to finish her A-levels, and enable her to "have the future" she has worked for.

She said the Mauritian authorities have not helped her, and that she was really scared.

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