Anti-drugs squad arrests 73-year-old woman after sophisticated drug tunnels are found near US border

An anti-drugs official squeezes into one of the tunnels Credit: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

A 73-year-old woman has been arrested after anti-drugs officials discovered two tunnels along the US-Mexico border, including one with electric lighting and a rail system that emerged in a toy warehouse, NBC News reported.

The woman was arrested in California for allegedly overseeing the logistics of a 70-foot deep tunnel that stretched 600 yards from Mexico to the toy warehouse in San Diego.

The tunnel was equipped with lighting, a rail system and a pulley to hoist contraband to the surface.

She has been charged with conspiracy.

The second tunnel stretched more than 700 yards from Tijuana to a different address in San Diego and included a multi-tiered electric rail system to move contraband.

One of the drug tunnels found at the US border with Mexico Credit: US Customs and Border Protection

"Here we are again, foiling cartel plans to sneak millions of dollars of illegal drugs through secret passageways that cost millions of dollars to build," said US Attorney Laura Duffy.

"Going underground is not a good business plan. We have promised to locate these super tunnels and keep powerful drug cartels from taking their business underground and out of sight, and once again, we have delivered on that promise."

An agent examining one of two tunnels Credit: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Since 2006, authorities have discovered at least 80 drug tunnels between Mexico and the US, mostly in California and Arizona.