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Singing priest surprises wedding with rendition of Hallelujah

A priest has become a YouTube sensation after singing the Leonard Cohen version of Hallelujah on a wedding day in Ireland, stunning guests but especially the bride and groom.

The rendition by Fr Ray Kelly begins after 0:57 seconds and lasts for over three minutes:

The video has now reached a staggering 2,182,308 views on YouTube so far, with the song being sang at a pitch-perfect level during the wedding of Leah and Chris.

The bride enters the church with her father to the rendition of Hallelujah. Credit: YouTube/invitationlovejesus

The County Meath priest told BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback programme that the couple had no idea what was going to happen, even though he suggested it:

Normally local people know I sing at weddings, funerals or when I'm asked, but they didn't know.

We had the rehearsal on Thursday evening and at the end I said, 'sure maybe I'll sing an aul song for you myself'.

The bride Leah grinned and said 'OK sure' but I don't think she was taking it too seriously.

– Fr Kelly
Father Kelly adjusts his mic before he breaks out into song. Credit: YouTube/invitationlovejesus

The priest is a trained singer who is currently working on his third album and has also taken part in The All Priests Show in Dublin, the Irish Times reports.

I keep saying this will be my last because this year I'm 25 years a priest - I do it to make a few bob for local charities.

– Fr Kelly

Father Ray Kelly also took to the mic at the wedding of another couple. But instead of closing the ceremony as planned, the priest bellowed Westlife's - You Raise Me Up.