Food banks boss: 'Help those on low incomes'

Volunteers work at a food bank. Photo: ITV News

The head of the charity which runs most of Britain's foodbanks says there needs to be a plan to help people on low incomes to share in the economic recovery.

The Trussel Trust figures have been seized on by campaigners and the Government's political opponents to prove a rise in food poverty.

But on closer examination this issue isn't that simple.

First, 60 percent of the parcels - meant to last a few days only - are taken by single use clients - those experiencing a temporary crisis - rather than chronic continuing poverty. And it is worth pointing out that Trussel Trust food parcels can only be given to the same family or individual three times in six month.

Secondly, the publicity around food banks is undoubtedly driving more and people to use them. They have been around for ten years but not many knew about their existence when they started. The stigma of using them has also reduced. So perhaps some of those now coming forward are part of a group who were the formerly hidden

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