In an exclusive interview with NBC News' Meet the Press programme, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk warned of Vladmir Putin's aggression and how further expansion and aggression from Russia could be "the biggest disaster of this century."

Speaking to David Gregory, Mr Yatsenyuk was asked what he thought of Mr Putin's referal to Novorossiya, a historical term for an area north of the Black Sea which was conquered by the Russia Empire in the 18th century. He said:

President Putin has a dream to restore the Soviet Union. And every day, he goes further and further. And God knows where is the final destination. And he was very clear, saying this stuff in his state of the union two years ago. And I believe that you do remember his famous Munich speech saying that the biggest disaster of the former century is the collapse of the Soviet Union. I consider that the biggest disaster of this century would be the restoring of the Soviet Union under the auspices of President Putin

Mr Yatsenyuk also expressed concern that Moscow has breached nuclear non-proliferation agreements.

The world has a reason to be concerned about Putin's intention. Because what Russian Federation did, they undermined the global stability. They actually eliminated nuclear nonproliferation programs. Just to remind you that Ukraine signed the notorious Budapest Memorandum when we gave up our nuclear arsenals in 1994.

The Ukrainian prime minister also said that those behind an anti-Semitic leaflet in the eastern city of Donetsk earlier in the week will be held responsible.

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