Stephen's Story: Teenage cancer patient raises £750k as he gives 'final thumbs up'

Stephen posted his 'final thumbs up' on Facebook on Tuesday. Credit: Stephen's Story/Facebook

A 19-year-old with terminal cancer is nearing £1 million in charity donations as he fights through what he fears may be the final hours of his life.

A rush of donations have poured in for Stephen Sutton - who was diagnosed with bowel cancer aged just 15 - taking the total raised on his JustGiving page for the Teenage Cancer Trust to more than £900,000 at the time of writing.

Stephen has continued to share his brave battle across social media despite being, in his words, "permanently hooked up to oxygen and unable to get out of my hospital bed" in recent days.

Yesterday, after complaining of feeling short of breath, Stephen revealed his lung had collapsed - leaving his situation "dire".

Later, he posted a picture (above) on his Facebook page with what he called a "final thumbs up".

With it, Stephen offered an emotional message thanking those who have supported him along the way.

Inspired by his bravery, a host of Twitter users offered their support - including several famous faces.

Stephen - moved by the support - continued to tweet from his hospital bed with characteristic optimism.

When he started blogging about his illness, the Staffordshire teenager said the number one aim on his 'bucket list' was reaching £10,000 donations for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Whatever happens now, he says he feels overwhelmed by how much more he has managed to achieve.

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