Barnado's and Microsoft release app to help vulnerable children

The Wud U app is aimed at raising awareness about sexual exploitation among children. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

Barnado's and Microsoft have teamed up to release an app to help teach children about the dangers of sexual exploitation.

The "Wud U?" app has been designed to help teachers and other professionals working with young people to learn about healthy relationships and educate children about staying safe.

Several common scenarios which may lead a teenager into sexual exploitation are mapped out on the app.

Youngsters are asked how they would react to different problems as each scenario unfolds.

Tracy Edwards, from internet safety charity Safer World Training spoke highly of the app, which she had given to her teenage daughter to test out.

Her only criticism was the language may be "patronising" for teenagers.

Children's charity Barnardo's worked extensively with victims of abuse and spoke to children who had been sexually exploited before coming up with the app.

Barnardo’s director Michelle Lee-Izu explained the thought process behind the app:

The app is available from the Windows Store, Windows Phone Store, The Apple Store, and Google Play.