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Teen cancer patient calls in to fundraising comedy show

Terminally ill cancer patient Stephen Sutton called in to a comedy show live last night to help garner more donations for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The show was hosted by comedian Jason Manford, who has been supporting Mr Sutton's campaign since the outset.

Mr Sutton wanted to raise £10,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust as part of his "bucket list" - a list of achievements he wanted to do before he died - but managed to raise £1 million after going viral.

The campaign is now on track to hit £3 million.

Stephen's picture of himself giving his "final thumbs up" from his hospital bed Credit: Credit: Stephen's Story/Facebook

It has received over 122,000 donations, mostly in small amounts, and is already three times bigger than any previous single legacy for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Nineteen-year-old Stephen was diagnosed with bowel cancer aged 15 and remains seriously ill in a Birmingham hospital, despite making a miraculous recovery from a collapsed lung.

Jason Manford (top, centre) with cancer patient Stephen Sutton (bottom, centre) pictured in March Credit: PA

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