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Key features of the possible Pfizer Astrazenca bid

The possible $100bn deal would create the world's largest pharmaceutical company Photo: Press Association Images/Dan Kitwood

US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, maker of Viagra, has made a second attempt to takeover AstraZeneca following a failed attempt back in January.

Here are the key facts and figures of the deal.

  • Astra accounts for around 2.3 percent of UK exports.
  • AstraZeneca employs around 7,000 people direcly while supporting a further 30,000 jobs in the UK.
  • In 2011 the company added £3.8 billion in wealth creation.
  • Over £1 billion was invested in Research and Development.

Following reports of the renewed bid AstraZeneca's share price soared by 18 per cent in trading earlier hitting a record high of £47.94.

The deal itself would dwarf anything else in the global pharmaceutical industry despite a recent flurry of M&A activity in the sector.

  • The Potential $100bn deal would create the world's largest pharma company.
  • If it goes through it would be biggest ever takeover of a UK-listed company.
  • It would be the biggest deal in the pharma sector since Pfizer’s $111.8bn takeover of Warner-Lambert in 2000.

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