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Riot police watch on as pro-Russians attack Ukraine protest

The divisions tearing apart eastern Ukraine were displayed in the city of Donetsk this evening - when a protest turned violent. Pro-Russian gangs attacked marching Ukrainians - and the Ukrainian police did little, at first, to stop it.

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates was in the middle of it all.

The United States imposed new sanctions on allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, prompting Moscow to denounce "Cold War" tactics amid more violence in eastern Ukraine.

Banning visas and freezing assets of the likes of Putin's friend Igor Sechin, head of oil giant Rosneft, also drew fire from President Barack Obama's domestic critics, who called it a "slap on the wrist", even as European allies wrangled over how to follow suit without badly hurting their own economies.

A pro-Russia armed man aims his rifle in front of the seized city council building in Kostyantynivka today. Credit: Reuters

The new round of sanctions, following those imposed last month when Russia annexed Crimea, barely registered in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Moscow rebels were holding a group of German and other OSCE military observers for a fourth day.

Despite a Ukrainian military operation to contain them, the militants extended their grip by seizing key public buildings in another town in Donetsk region. In the regional capital, Donetsk, club-wielding pro-Russian activists broke up a rally by supporters of the Western-backed government in Kiev.

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