The United Kingdom has had its ups and downs over the years in its entries for the Eurovison Song Contest.

This year UK's Eurovision hopeful Molly Smitten-Downes will close the show with her performance of her self-penned song 'Children of the Universe' and currently the odds of the 27-year-old winning are 11/1.

Ahead of tomorrow's gala competition in Copenhagen, we take look at the disasters and disappointments of United Kingdom's Eurovision entries:


The glitzy British band Co Co who wore sparkly sequined outfits for their performance of 'The Bad Old Days' turned the UK Eurovision into another failure.

They placed 11th out of 20 entries, which at the time was the lowest score since the beginning of the competition.


The disappointing performance of 'Only The Light' by Richard Peebles came in at number 13 with 47 points – putting it at the lowest place any of the UK’s entries had received up to that time.

The singer dressed in white for the occasion and accessorised with a tartan cloth.

Unfortunately, the single was also a flop in the UK Chart as it failed to make the top 75.


Singer Samantha Janus, now famous for her role as Ronnie Mitchell in Eastenders, sung an earnest song this year about third world hunger. But it was not a hit as the song made 10th place with a total of 47 points.

It was the worst showing for the UK since 1987 although it did manage to reach a respectable number 30 in the UK charts.


Nicki French's performance of 'Don't Play That Song Again' was a very ironic choice as the audience made it clear they did not want to hear her sing it ever again, voting her 16th place.

The singer, who had previously scored a worldwide hit covering Bonnie Tyler in 1995, became the UK's worst performance at the time.


The UK hit an all time Eurovision low when Liverpudlian duo Jemini didn't score a single point for their "embarrassing" performance of 'Cry Baby'. The pop group admitted afterwards that their performance was off key.

To date, their performance is the only ever UK entry to earn ‘nul points’ from any other countries.

They were immediately dropped from their record label and later split following the Eurovision failure.


This Eurovision entry was the UK's second experiment with rap and it was not a hit with European viewers. 'Teenage Life' sang by Daz Simpson ended up in 19th place, but did reach number 8 in the UK's Singles Chart. As Daz admitted himself, 'Rap may not be the best of ideas' for Eurovision.


British pop dance group Scooch had high hopes of winning. The pop band dressed up as aeroplane attendants to try and charm other countries to vote, but unfortunately the song came in at 22nd with just 19 points.

Despite having more failures than glory, the UK is still considered to be one of the most successful countries to compete.

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