Who topped the UK's music millionaire rich list 2014?

Gary Barlow makes the top 10 Credit: PA

The UK's top music millionaires have been compiled for the new Sunday Times Rich List, which will be published at the weekend.

Topping the music list - as in 2013 - is London-based Ukrainian businessman Len Blavatnik, whose empire includes the Warner Music Group which was acquired in 2011.

He is estimated to be worth £10 billion, way ahead of nearest rival Clive Calder - the boss of the Zomba group of music companies - who is worth around £1.4 billion.

X Factor boss Simon Cowell did rake in a further £50 million over the past year thanks to his music and TV hits, according to a new wealth list.

The mogul has seen his worth swell to £300 million to put him in eighth place, boosted by a new deal with ITV for further series of The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent.

Britain's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell. Credit: PA

Former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney remains in fourth place with his and wife Nancy Shevell's fortune said to be at £710 million.

Take That star Gary Barlow is now estimated to be worth £65 million - more than doubling the £30 million he held five years ago.

Gary Barlow is estimated to be worth £65 million. Credit: Max Nash/PA Wire

The top 10 music millionaires (with previous ranking in brackets):

1 - Len Blavatnik - £10 billion (£11 billion)

2 - Clive Calder - £1.4 billion (£1.35 billion)

3 - Sir Cameron Mackintosh - £1 billion (£825 million)

4 - Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell - £710 million (£680 million)

5 - Lord Lloyd-Webber - £640 million (£620 million)

6 - U2 - £428 million (£520 million)

7 - Simon Fuller - £382 million (£375 million)

8 - Simon Cowell - £300 million (£250 million)

9 - Mohammad and Kamaliya Zahoor - £300 million

10 - Sir Elton John - £260 million (£240 million)