Sarah Millican wears John Lewis Bafta dress twice to defy trolls who mocked it

Sarah Millican pictured at the Baftas in 2013. Credit: Empics

British comedian Sarah Millican has defied trolls who mocked her appearance at last year's Bafta show by wearing the very same dress again, one year on.

Millican wrote in the Radio Times last week that she was trolled on Twitter, "pilloried" in newspapers and "pulled apart" on the Lorraine TV programme all because of her choice of dress - a comfortable John Lewis outfit.

The experience, she said, had ruined what had been an otherwise "lovely" evening.

But in defiance of those who chose to mock her appearance rather than congratulate her recognition at the country's most prestigious TV awards, Millican promised that if she was ever invited back to the Baftas she would wear the same dress again.

As it happened, she was invited back but was already booked to play a gig in Buxton on the same night.

Did she wear the dress?

And she said the Buxton audience response to her infamous John Lewis dress "choked me up".