Stephen Sutton makes 2014 Happy List

Stephen Sutton, who died of cancer aged 19 Credit: Stephen's Story

The Independent on Sunday have published their annual Happy List – 100 people who, without thought of personal gain, give back and help others, rather than themselves.

Founded as an antidote to all those rich lists and celebrity lists, it celebrates a different set of values, embracing those who start charities, help troubled youngsters, give huge amounts of time to volunteering and raising money, foster children, care for wildlife, and much more,

This year, for only the second time, they included a posthumous entry. The remarkable Stephen Sutton was on their list but died just as it was being finalised. They have kept him in as a tribute to a "hugely impressive young man." Sutton raised over £3.5 million for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Jessamine Skuse is also one of 100 unsung heroes celebrated in the list. She burst into her 97-year-old neighbour's flat in Bristol when she noticed smoke billowing from his home. Using her Army training she remained calm, grabbed him by the arm and led him out of the door.

He collapsed to the ground so she heaved him up on to a shopping mobility aid until the fire brigade arrived.

Here are the top ten:

  • Carmel Allen and Josephine Drew - Founders of the Kiss it Better appeal

  • Renny Antonelli - Co-founded the Green Backyard

  • Fatima Ayub - fundraiser and has led a breastfeeding project for the NHS

  • Shahid Azeem - Community galvaniser

  • Oli Barrett - Social entrepreneur

  • Jaime Bautista - Founded the SMart Network

  • Ben Bell - Charity founder set up Urban Hope

  • Sandie Betts - Trainer of children from special needs schools

  • Jodi-Ann Bickley - Founded website

  • Daniel Black - Raised £20,000 for treatment for himself, instead donated the money