The top 10 most annoying things a child can do on a long car journey

Almost a quarter of parents listed children fighting with siblings as their number one pet peeve on a long car journey. Credit: PA

One third of parents admit to finding the long car journey with their children the "most stressful part of the holiday", according to research.

Fresh data from Netmums and Butlins found one in five parents found travelling with their children so stressful, they arrive at their destination in a worse mood than when they started their journey.

As the bank holiday weekend winds down, Good Morning Britain look at some of the other reasons why parents may find the long and whining road so trying.

The top 10 most annoying things a child can do in a car are:

  • Fighting with siblings - loathed by 24% of parents.

  • Complaining they are bored - 10%

  • Kicking the drivers chair - 10%

  • Crying loudly - 10%

  • Losing toys under the seat - 9%

  • Needing the bathroom - 9%

  • Singing repetitive songs - 5%

  • Being sick - 5%

  • Complaining they are hungry - 4%

  • Undoing seatbelt - 3%