Hidden Cash Twitter campaign comes to the UK

Harry McKeown in Leeds was the first British recipient. Credit: HiddenCash_UK/Twitter

After an anonymous tweeter left clues leading to wads of dollar bills in California, a British benefactor appears to have brought the free money craze to our shores.

Twitter account HiddencashUK sprung into action two days ago, and has already left three envelopes full of pound notes for lucky recipients in the north of England.

Harry McKeown was the first to find the bonanza, picking up £50 outside Leeds City Museum after the account left a clue.

The hunt then moved to Manchester yesterday, before arriving in Sheffield today.

It's as yet unknown where will be next, and the generous person behind the account is keen, like their American counterpart, to remain unidentified.

That may be for the best as word has clearly got out in the US about the original scheme.

NBC Los Angeles helicopters caught the following rush in Burbank after clues were clues directed them to the city's Empire Centre.

A similar frenzy could soon be coming to a street near you, but be warned - the clues are likely to get trickier.

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