Ofsted criticises Birmingham Council in downgraded school reports

The Ofsted report seen by ITV News found clear gaps of leadership and inadequacies. Credit: ITV News

By Rupert Evelyn: ITV News Correspondent

ITV News has seen two new Ofsted reports into Birmingham schools as part of the so called Trojan Horse investigation into schools allegedly being taken over by Islamists.

The schools were not put into special measures and rated inadequate but still came for criticism. The reports not only reveal inadequacies within the schools but also the City Council.

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They expose weak governors with "superficial oversight" who lack understanding of how to protect pupils vulnerable to radical or extremist views.

The relationship between one school and the Local Authority is described as having "broken down" after governors refused to cooperate with the Council.

Inspectors at both schools found Council officials failing to provide support and awareness of the government "Prevent Strategy" which is designed to safeguard pupils against the risk of radicalisation and extremism.

The quality of leadership and management is heavily criticised and the need for action is urgent.

While the six schools put into special measures by Ofsted will dominate the headlines when the reports are published next week, there are several others in need of attention.

Hundreds of young boys and girls exposed, according to Ofsted, to a weak and inadequate education.

Rating a school inadequate and putting it into special measures opens the door for the Department of Education to act and step in to replace governors and the senior leadership team of a school if they feel it necessary.

This is seen as a last resort, drastic action.

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But the schools which did not get an inadequate rating but were downgraded, are not out of the woods yet.

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