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Court hears couple 'shot parents and buried bodies in back garden'

Christopher Edwards and Susan Edwards are accused of murdering her parents. Credit: Police handout

By Ben Chapman: ITV News Correspondent

A woman and her husband shot and killed both her parents and buried their bodies in their own back garden in order to steal thousands of pounds from them, a court has heard.

Susan and Christopher Edwards are then accused of lying to family members, neighbours, doctors and financial institutions for 15 years to convince people the victims were still alive.

The bodies of William Wycherley, 85, and his wife, Patricia, 63, were found in the back garden of their home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, in October 2013.

A jury at Nottingham Crown Court was told they had been shot with a .38 revolver belonging to Christopher Edwards over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend of 1998.

It's alleged their daughter, Susan, and their son-in-law Christopher, then buried their bodies the same weekend.

William Wycherley and his wife Patricia were found buried in their back garden in October 2013. Credit: Police handout

Neighbours say they saw Mr Edwards digging a large hole in the back garden of the Wycherley's home.

They are then accused of stealing £40,000 from the dead couple's bank account, before later selling the house and claiming state benefits totalling £170,000.

The court was told the couple had long-standing financial problems.

Susan Edwards, 56 admits the manslaughter of her mother, and both she and Christopher Edwards, 57, admit burying both bodies and theft.

They both deny murdering Mr and Mrs Wycherley.