Prime Minister shores up allies for his 'Stop-Juncker' mission

David Cameron has just arrived at what could be described as a "stop-Juncker" summit in Sweden.

David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in Harpsund, South of Stockholm. Credit: Reuters

He is attempting to derail the campaign of the front runner to be the new European Commission president: Jean-Claude Juncker.

He is trying to find allies for his mission.

Tonight he is having dinner within the prime ministers of Holland and Sweden (both like-minded centre right leaders) as well as the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

For Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt says the process of having a front runner (Mr Juncker) is against the Lisbon Treaty.

Jean-Claude Juncker is campaigning to be the new European Commission president. Credit: PA

It is for national leaders to choose a candidate, Reinfeldt insisted.

For his part, David Cameron told our cameras that the "democratically elected leaders of Europe" should chose who should run the institutions of Europe.

He didn't mention Mr Juncker by name but earlier, after Labour announced it would not support Mr Juncker, the Prime Minister tweeted:

For Downing Street, the person at the top of the European Commission matters.

Number 10 wants a reformer in place and someone who is sympathetic to Britain's desire to renegotiate its relationship with the EU.

Mr Cameron does not think that person is Jean-Claude Junker.

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