Exclusive video shows life inside the ISIS-controlled city of Mosul

An ISIS fighter poses for the camera with an electricity worker.

ITV News has obtained exclusive footage of Iraq's second city of Mosul under the control of the Islamist militant group ISIS.

Video filmed earlier today shows Iraqi army vehicles - now emblazoned with the ISIS logo - that were seized by Islamist fighters during their assault on the city.

An Iraqi military vehicle with the ISIS logo attached to it.

Children can even be seen playing on an abandoned military vehicle in the centre of Mosul, the scene of the Iraqi military's last stand against the militants.

Children clamber on top of a military vehicle in central Mosul.

Earlier today, ISIS fighters appealed to utility workers to return to their jobs to help restore electricity and water supplies to areas where the fighting took place.

A utility worker on a cherry picker tries to restore electricity to the areas of Mosul with no power.

The footage shows a militant posing with an electricity worker as they try and reassure people they will return Mosul to its former state.

An ISIS fighter poses for the camera with an electricity worker.

The person who filmed the scenes told ITV News: "There is a sense of relative calm as people start to go about their every day business.

The footage is believed to show the area where the last standoff between the Iraqi army and ISIS took place.

"People in the city are still holding their breath ... they feel safe but cautious, as they don't know what the coming days will bring."

The footage of Iraq's second city of Mosul was filmed earlier today.

He said the ISIS fighters were keen to show that utility workers were back at work and doing their utmost to return power to the city and get everything back up and running.