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Mario Balotelli fills up World Cup sticker album with pictures of himself

Mario Balotelli has filled up an entire World Cup sticker album with pictures of himself.

The enigmatic striker posted a picture of his collection - complete with 14 identical images of himself - on his Facebook page under the status: "WHY ALWAYS ME?".

Balotelli posted the image on his Facebook page. Credit: Facebook/Mario Balotelli

Balotelli unveiled the "Why always me?" slogan during his time at Manchester City while celebrating a 6-1 win over rivals Manchester United at Old Trafford in 2011.

The 'Why always me?' phrase has proved a hit among football fans. Credit: PA

The AC Milan star scored the winning goal in Italy's 2-1 victory against England on Saturday.

Balotelli was lauded for his performance in Manaus by the Italian media as the Azzurri took control of Group D.

A fan even immortalised the former City player in a water-melon sculpture.

Balotelli has received plenty of acclaim for his perfomance against England. Credit: Facebook/Mario Balotelli

It is not the first time the striker has admired his own footballing talents after he ordered a life-sized statue of himself following his multi-million pound move to AC Milan in January 2013.

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