22 firefighters rescue American exchange student from giant German vagina sculpture

The fire service said he was rescued by hand. Credit: Tubingen Fire

It took 22 firefighters to rescue an American exchange student from a giant vagina sculpture at a university in Germany.

The man had been attempting to "take a funny picture" inside the artwork when he slipped and fell, according to his friend.

Erick Guzman said his friend was trying to take a "funny picture" inside the sculpture when he fell. Credit: Imgur / Erick Guzman

A local newspaper reported that emergency services were called on Friday lunchtime to free "a person stuck inside a stone vulva" at the Tubingen Schnarrenberg Institute of Microbiology.

Witness Erick Guzman said the firefighters were "not amused" by the prank.

Mr Guzman uploaded his pictures of the unfortunate incident to image sharing site Imgur over the weekend and the gallery quickly jumped to the front page of Reddit - an accolade which apparently came as a small consolation to the student.

"He's now happy that he is first on Reddit," the photographer told BuzzFeed.

He escaped without injury and the £95,000 scultpure, entitled 'Making Love', was not damaged.