Exclusive: Sienna Miller says being a phone hacking victim 'was really damaging'

Actress Sienna Miller spoke exclusively to ITV News. Credit: ITV News

Sienna Miller has exclusively told ITV News that being a victim of phone hacking was "really damaging" to her "personally", her relationships and her career.

The actress, who gave evidence at the hacking trial, said it was "unthinkable" at that time that anyone could gain access to messages she had left on someone's phone.

Miller told ITV News Correspondent Nina Nannar, "It happened, it's really unfortunate and it does make me incredibly angry, but I do feel like justice is being done".

The News of the World ran a story about an alleged affair with Daniel Craig in 2005 while she was in a relationship with his friend and fellow actor Jude Law.

The prosecution at the Old Bailey claimed that the story stemmed from a voicemail Miller had left on Craig's phone in which she said "I love you".

The Layer Cake star said she felt "intensely paranoid" at the time for thinking that friends and family members could have been selling stories about her to the tabloids.

"It was just extraordinary what was coming out [in the papers]," she added.

Miller said she hoped people "would think twice before hacking a phone" following the high-profile trial.

"I feel like that callous journalism has hopefully died down, and I'm really proud that I played a part in that," she added.