The head of Ofsted - Sir Michael Wilshaw - has met parents of pupils at a Birmingham school involved in the Trojan Horse investigation this evening, ITV News has learned.

It is understood Sir Michael and several Ofsted inspectors met with parents whose children attend Park View in the city and local councillors at Birmingham City Council offices.

The aim of the meeting was to reassure parents but one person who attended told ITV News "tempers were flared and many parents were angry and worried".

Earlier this month Ofsted revealed five of the 21 schools investigated following allegations of a takeover plot by hard-line Muslims were to be placed in special measures after receiving ratings of "inadequate" - Park View included.

Ofsted found Park View's work to raise students' awareness of the risks of extremism was "inadequate", while external speakers were not vetted properly, including those who had spoken to students "as part of Islamic-themed assemblies".

Following the meeting, one person claimed: "Wilshaw could not answer questions put to him. He was asked about the credibility of his evidence for the report and asked to explain contradictions in some of the reports and he just couldn't answer. He just kept saying we have to look to the future."

The head of Ofsted told the meeting there are governance issues at the school and assured parents the situation would improve and his inspectors would return to the schools to checks things are improving and changing.

A person who attended the meeting told ITV News:

Tempers were flared. He was there to listen but we don't feel reassured. The reports have put the schools into disrepute, we can't attract new staff and we are worried about the pupils who have just taken their GCSEs and how this has affected them.

They added: "He couldn't answer our questions. He didn't go into any detail. He just kept saying we need to look to the future. Many parents didn't have a chance to contribute to the survey, as part of the inspection, and many feel their views are being ignored. Everyone is very worried about the future."