Hague arrives in Baghdad as Iraqi army recruits against Isis

The Foreign Secretary speaking in Baghdad today. Credit: ITV News

By Geraint Vincent: ITV News Middle East Correspondent

William Hague is clear on the seriousness of the problem posed by Isis: it is a "mortal threat" to Iraq and a "direct threat" to other countries in the region.

UK special forces spent years fighting Sunni extremists - in the form of al-Qaeda - in and around Baghdad, but the UK government has firmly ruled out any British military involvement in the effort to counter Isis.

So it's difficult to see what help Mr Hague can offer the Iraqi government on his visit to Baghdad, beyond echoing the calls of his American counterpart John Kerry for a more inclusive government here.

Meanwhile there is no shortage of boots on the ground already in Baghdad - and they belong to crowds of Shia volunteers literally queuing up to fight ISIS.

We were at an army recruitment centre today where the sergeant told us he was processing thousands of new recruits every day.