Tennis players 'forced to change underwear' at Wimbledon in strict all-white clothing rule

Pat Cash has criticised the 'ridiculous' all white-dress code at the famous tournament. Credit: PA Wire

Pat Cash has hit out at the "ridiculous" all-white dress code at Wimbledon, claiming players have even been ordered to change their underwear.

The famous tournament has traditionally enforced the white clothing ruling, but Cash says stricter guidelines have taken it too far.

Describing the rules as "archaic thinking", Cash claimed players at Wimbledon have been told to change their underwear if it was not entirely white.

The 1987 Wimbledon champion told BBC Radio 5 Live some women were forced to play without bras after being sent back to change because "they had a slight colour on them", with many lacking a suitable replacement.

One player was called into the referees' office because his blue underwear "showed through when he got sweaty", Cash said.

"It has gone absolutely ridiculous," the 49-year-old commented.

Cash's manager Duncan March claimed the Australian was told he "probably won't be allowed" to wear his famous black and white checked headband as it would break current rules.

Pat Cash claims he was told his iconic bandana may not be allowed. Credit: Reuters

A spokesperson for Wimbledon insisted all the players were written to before the tournament explaining the white clothing rule, but refused to comment on whether any players had breached the code.

In the letter, players were told caps, headbands, bandanas, wristbands and socks must be entirely white except for a single trim of colour "no wider than one centimetre".

Cash beat Ivan Lendl to win Wimbledon in 1987. Credit: Reuters

"Common standards of decency are required at all times," the spokesperson added.

Cash spoke out against the strict rules after it was confirmed he will not play at the legends' match at the tournament.

His manager insisted Cash's withdrawal is due to a back injury and had nothing to do with the guidelines or the threat against his famous headband.

One player who was not a fan of Wimbledon's traditions was France's Benoit Paire, who claimed he hated the tournament and its "displeasing atmosphere" and was happy to leave the All-England Club after his first round loss.