Olympian runs 800m race despite being eight months pregnant

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An Olympian and five-time 800-metres national champion decided to defend her athletics crown despite the fact she was eight months pregnant.

Alysia Montano, who is 34 weeks pregnant, lined up alongside seven other competitors at the US Track and Field Championships in Sacramento, California.

The 28-year-old athlete said she was nervous about continuing training but her medical team assured her it was safe.

She said her medical team assured her it was fine to compete in the race. Credit: Reuters / USATF.TV

Speaking after the race, Montano said she knew she would not win the competition but wanted to show the world what it is like for a female champion to be pregnant.

Montano finished last but only 35 seconds behind her personal best. Credit: Reuters / USATF.TV

Despite being heavily pregnant, Montano only finished 35 seconds behind her personal best time of 1:57:34 set back in 2010.