Grandson of explorer Jacques Cousteau to emerge after record-breaking 31 days underwater

Fabien Cousteau in his underwater lab. Credit: Fabien Cousteau Twitter

The grandson of legendary French ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau is to emerge today after spending a record-breaking 31 days underwater.

Fabien Cousteau, 46, has been living in an underwater lab called Aquarius 63ft below water off the Florida keys with a team of scientists since June 1.

The experiment, which took a year to plan, aims to attract more support for ocean conservation and has seen Cousteau and his team underake numerous diving trips.

His achievement will set a new world record beating his grandfather's previous record of living 30 days underwater in 1963 30ft in the Red Sea.

Jacques Cousteau, who died aged 87 in 1997, is best remembered as one of television's most famous explorers and jointly inventing the aqua lung, the breathing apparatus which allows scuba divers to breathe underwater.

To watch Fabien's mission live go to his Mission 31 page here.

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