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Tucker the dog coughs up wedding ring he swallowed five years ago

Tucker the dog gave his owner a shiny surprise when he coughed up a wedding ring which had been missing for five years.

Tucker the dog, who the family call "food burglar", has been dubbed a hero for returning his owner's missing wedding ring.

Lois Matykowski, from Wisconsin, said she was devastated when the ring first disappeared and had given up all hope of finding the diamond.

But she was delighted to discover her mischievous dog may have had it all along and said she didn't "even care he had thrown up on the carpet".

"I have my wedding ring back and Tucker is the big dog on campus right now. He's my hero," she said.

Mrs Matykowski said she was eating an ice pop with her granddaughter before she noticed 10-year-old Tucker, who the family call "food burglar", had struck again and swallowed one of the frozen treats whole.

The ice lolly soon came back up and two days later when Tucker got sick again, and Mrs Matykowski went to clean up his mess, she found her missing ring.

I look in the paper towel and here is my wedding ring, I kid you not.

My wedding ring was in Tucker's puke!

Tucker's veterinarian says the popsicle stick may have dislodged the ring inside his belly.

Tucker's veterinarian believes the popsicle stick may have dislodged the ring inside his belly.

An X-ray showed there were no more treasures inside Tucker's belly but he is the talk of the neighborhood.

"Friends have said 'I want a dog that throws up diamonds like that'. Who doesn't, right?" Mrs Matykowski added.