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Man uses Kickstarter campaign to raise £19,000 to make potato salad

A bowl of potato salad, of the kind Zack Danger Brown is going to be making a lot of. Credit: Zack Danger Brown/Kickstarter

An American man has raised over $34,000 (£19,850) online to make one of the simplest of side dishes: potato salad.

Fundraising website Kickstarter allows users to ask others to help pay for a variety of projects, providing they are not offensive or illegal. Zack Danger Brown from Columbus, Ohio, decided - somewhat lightheartedly- to ask for $10 (£5) to make some potato salad, and promptly received pledges adding up to thousands of dollars.

His project began last Thursday with a simple statement: "I'm making potato salad. Basically I'm just making potato salad. I haven't decided what kind yet."

Mr Brown will be making a lot of dishes like these in the coming weeks Credit: PA Images

Brown has now pledged to make several different kinds of the starchy accompaniment and will say out the name of each of his backers on a live-stream of the event.

Some supporters will even receive 'I Love Potato Salad' hats, a bite of his creations and a personalised thank you video. Brown is worried that the project could take "weeks" and he may have to ship some of the potato salad abroad.

What started as a joke is now a quest to spend a lot of money on a straightforward side dish.

Brown has to spend the cash on making potato salads and risks violating Kickstarter's terms and conditions if he was to donate any of the money to charity - something the site expressly forbids as it could mean backers may indirectly fund causes the don't agree with.