Smartphones are killing Brits' sex lives says survey

Research shows 75% of couples prefer to chat to online followers they may never have met than talk to their partner in the flesh. Credit: Reuters

A shocking 75% of Brits have admitted they would rather chat to a stranger online than their own partner, according to new research.

A survey, commissioned by and carried out by Market Research and Polling Agency Carter Digby, questioned 1,500 couples, aged between 18 - 30, about their sex lives and smartphone use, with some surprising outcomes.

Of those interviewed, 40% admitted they had turned down sex with their partner in favour of playing on their smartphone, while 18% of interviewees said they had even checked their phone during sexual intercourse.

A further 85% admitted to texting or social networking the dinner table while 74% said they got angry when they were interrupted while using a smart phone.

Rob Myers, Marketing Director at, described the figures as "shocking" and blamed "addictive" apps.

"More couples are sacrificing their sex lives for addictive apps and the materialistic world of Facebook and Twitter," he said.

"Fun between the sheets is disappearing down the drain for something that didn't even exist 10 years ago. The figures are shocking."