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Baby humpback whale freed after two days stuck on Gold Coast beach in dramatic rescue

After several ill-fated rescue attempts, the whale was finally freed. Credit: Reuters

A baby humpback whale that was stranded on a beach on Australia's Gold Coast for two days was freed in a dramatic rescue.

Staff from Sea World led the rescue efforts after the animal, which weighs between 15 and 20 tonnes, became stuck on Palm Beach, south of Brisbane on Tuesday.

Rescuers initially struggled to free the whale after the tow rope repeatedly snapped as hundreds of onlookers watched on.

The whale became stuck on Australia's Gold Coast on Tuesday. Credit: Reuters
Hundreds gathered to watch the dramatic rescue. Credit: Reuters

After five failed attempts to free the animal, a special harness allowed a motorboat to pull the whale off the beach and back out to sea to the cheers of rescuers.

Sea World's Tacha Mulligan said staff were hopeful the whale will survive despite its ordeal.

Marine rescue workers from Sea World attempt to help the humpback. Credit: Reuters
A Sea World staff member attempts to place a harness on the animal. Credit: Reuters
Rescuers cheer as the successful operation is completed. Credit: Reuters

Crews would monitor the animal during the day to check on its progress, she added.