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Teenager saved from drowning after posting SOS message on Facebook

The youngster managed to type "STRANDED" on Facebook. Credit: PA Wire

A teenager drowning at sea was rescued after he posted an SOS message on Facebook.

The 18-year-old fell into the water near Mevagissey, Cornwall after his dinghy capsized.

With no signal coverage to dial 999, the quick-thinking youngster managed to type "STRANDED" on Facebook before his phone died.

A worried friend contacted the boy's mother who immediately raised the alarm.

The youngster got into trouble on a paddling trip from Mevagissey to Portmellon, a mile south. Credit: Google Maps

The teenager had been in the water for two hours in the dark and was trying to swim back to shore when he was found by a lifeboat crew.

Brixham Coastguard said the boy was "quite cold" by the time he was hauled out of the sea.

A view from Mevagissey, where the young boy fell into the water. Credit: PA Wire

The RNLI said the teenager was "extremely lucky" as rescue teams found it difficult to spot him in the water once he had fallen off the dinghy.

He was taken to hospital and checked over but was not harmed by his ordeal.