Flight delays and cancellations are biggest holiday gripe

Unclean hotels or accomodation which looks nothing like the brochure were also high on the list of moans. Credit: Reuters

Delayed flights and cancellations have topped a list of holiday gripes among British holidaymakers, a Which? survey has found.

Long waits to reclaim baggage was the next most grumbled about, followed by mis-sold accomodation which looks nothing like the brochure and unhelpful or rude staff.

Problems with transfers or transport after they had got off the plane was also a cause of complaint as well as unclean hotels.

The survey showed that 15 per cent of the 2,079 people polled who had been on holiday over the last two years had encountered some sort of problem.

Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) said if something went wrong with their holiday they would usually make a complaint.

Yet only 54 per cent said they felt confident they know their rights if there is a mishap.

Which? is now inviting travellers to share their getaway gripes and sign up to its campaign to Stop the Holiday Hassles.

Executive director Richard Lloyd said: "People don't deserve to come back from holiday as stressed out as when they left.

"This summer, we're asking travellers to share their getaway gripes so we can expose the dodgy deals and shoddy service."

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