Diary reveals Queen Victoria's naughty side

A portrait of Queen Victoria. Credit: PA

A young Queen Victoria kept a diary of her behaviour that reveals the royal could be "very good", occasionally "rather impertinent" and sometimes "very naughty".

Written in Victoria's own hand, probably under the command of her German governess Baroness Lehzen, the behaviour book records the 12-year-old's daily conduct.

It shows that although the then princess was largely well behaved, like any child she was occasionally mischievous and broke the rules.

Among the many "goods" and "very goods" noted by Victoria in the week of November 3, 1831, she also writes she had been "very thoughtless and foolish" and "impertinent".

The following year on Monday, September 25, the 13-year-old describes herself as "very very very very horribly naughty!!!!!", although there is no hint of what she might have done.

The document will feature alongside toys, treasured family gifts and outfits in a Royal Childhood exhibition as part of the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace's state rooms, which runs from July 26 - September 28.