'How does it feel to have the Daddy in your house?' - Argentina claims the defining song of Brazil's World Cup

Argentina fans sing 'Brasil, decime qué se siente' on Brazil's Copacabana beach. Credit: Reuters

As Argentina prepare to face Germany in the World Cup final, a song that has become the defining tune of Brazil 2014 will ring out around the stadium.

'Brasil decime que se siente' (Brazil tell me how it feels) has become Argentina's unofficial tournament anthem, mocking their bitter rivals and promising to bring the trophy back to Buenos Aires.

The translated lyrics, to the tune of Credence Clearwater Revival's Bad Moon Rising, are as follows:

Brazil, tell me how it feels to have your Daddy in your house? I swear that even as the years pass, we will never forget How Diego [Maradona] outplayed you; How [Claudio] Cani[ggia] surprised you; You've been crying since Italy [1990] until today. You're going to see Messi, he'll bring us back the Cup. Maradona is greater than Pele.

Watch it sung by Argentina fans in Rio:

Listen to the Credence Clearwater Revival original:

It was even sung by the Argentina players and coaches after their semi-final win against Holland:

Goalkeeper Sergio Romero said: "The boys enjoyed it, everyone was shouting and singing in the dressing room."

Whole shopping centres in Brazil have been taken over by Argentina fans singing the anthem:

The lyrics in Spanish:

Brasil, decime qué se siente tener en casa a tu papá. Te juro que aunque pasen los años, nunca nos vamos a olvidar Que el Diego te gambeteó; El Cani los vacunó, Que estás llorando desde Italia hasta hoy. A Messi lo vas a ver, la Copa nos va a traer, Maradona es más grande que Pelé.