Hundreds turn up for 8-year-old's piano concert after garden sign goes viral

Dylan's sign (left) resulted in a large crowd and superfans with banners. Credit: Thomas Rehbein

An 8-year-old boy who advertised a "free piano concert" in his front garden had a fantastic surprise when a crowd of hundreds turned up to watch thanks to the power of the internet.

Passerby Thomas Rehbein was cycling home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, earlier this week when he saw a poster advertising the gig in a front garden and decided to create a Facebook event to see if he could attract a crowd.

His message said:

Thomas Rehbein posted this photograph to a Facebook event.

Quickly over 600 people said they would attend.

As Mr Rehbein's later photos show, a large crowd turned out despite the rain.

Crowds turn up with umbrellas to watch Dylan's gig. Credit: Thomas Rehbein

Some diehard Dylan Spoering fans even turned up with banners.

"I liked Dylan before he was on the current," boasted one fan. Credit: Thomas Rehbein

Dylan himself even gave out cookies to crowds before the show.

Dylan helped out with catering despite being headlining the concert. Credit: Staci Thompson / Facebook

One video shows the crowd's excited cheering after Dylan finished a recital:

Another video shows Dylan's audience interaction skills during a break between songs.

"How long have you do you think I was practicing?" he asked.

"Fifteen years," came one reply.

"But I'm only eight," he pointed out.

Over a thousand people also watched a live stream of the concert on the internet.