Butler-Sloss position became 'unsustainable'

It was becoming "unsustainable".

That is the view of one of the MPs who has been leading the campaign to investigate the historic allegations of child abuse - many of which centre on claims of a cover-up at Westminster.

Downing Street say the decision was made by Baroness Butler-Sloss herself. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Simon Danczuk was referring to the decision by Baroness Butler-Sloss to stand down as head of the independent inquiry.

Questions have been raised about her appointment since it was announced last Tuesday.

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss is the sister of the last Sir Michael Havers - who was the Attorney General for much of the 1980s - the period in which the claims of a cover-up have centred.

Downing Street insists the decision was hers - and there was no pressure from the government.

Last week Lady Butler-Sloss insisted that she would continue with her role as she had been asked to do it by Theresa May.

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