Israel's position on 'moral high ground' over Gaza conflict comes under question

In the court of international opinion, this is how Israel wins a battle and still manages to lose the war.

Four boys playing innocently on a beach blown apart by high-tech weaponry.

The Israeli Defence Force says its investigating.

The few facts we know so far could not be worse.

Here, a few details are emerging, unconfirmed.

Its being reported that this was an air strike; that there were two missiles; and that after the first explosion the boys ran for cover, straight into the second blast.

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A military analyst, speaking on Israeli TV tonight, says it's possible they were mistaken for Hamas fighters.

Possible, he adds, but unlikely.

Israel says no army in the world goes as far as it does to minimize civilian casualties.

It's warned 100,000 residents of Gaza to evacuate their homes.

But where we these boys to run? Into the sea?

Yesterday, in observing a six hour, one-sided ceasefire, Israel staked a claim to the moral high-ground.

On a beach in Gaza today, that claim too came under fire.

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