PMQs: A pretty clear win for Cameron as Miliband troops lack motivation

By Tom Bradby: Political Editor

I don't normally engage much in the who won or lost the debate after PMQs, because it strikes me as completely irrevelevant to anyone beyond Westminster.

But today was interesting.

Ed Miliband started strongly, goading the Prime Minister about the demotion of one of his closest political friends, Michael Gove.

It was an open goal, honestly, but he moved on too quickly and started to talk about the economy, which probably wasn't the wisest tactic on a day when unemployment was falling yet again.

The tide turned very quickly. Cameron had a few good jokes ("I am very happy with my team and, looking at the shadow chancellor, I am happy with his, too") and some telling lines of attack on Labour's tax plans.

Ed Miliband speaks as Ed Balls looks on.

By the end, his MPs were absolutely roaring their support and the Labour benches were notably silent.

If we're scoring, it was a pretty clear win for the Prime Minister.

Does it matter? Well, maybe not.

But disciplined, motivated parties win elections and the Tories looked very buoyant today.

Ed really needs to find a way to energise and motivate his troops.