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Summer is here: Britain prepares to hit 30C

The next few days are set to be hot and sticky across the UK with the highest temperatures expected to be in the low thirties in the south on Friday.

We're currently pulling up very warm air from the continent bringing us in line with our warm and sunny European neighbours.

Although there'll be plenty of dry and fine weather - particularly in England and Wales, there's also scope for some heavy downpours as we head into the weekend.

Spanish heat could be moving up towards Britain. Credit: DPA

Meteorologists spot potential for 'Spanish Plume'

The spell of hot weather could end rather dramatically on Saturday with a 'Spanish Plume' which involves very warm and humid air moving up from the Spanish plateau to the UK.

If this meets cooler air from the Atlantic, the warm air can be forced rapidly upwards to produce thunderstorms.

Friday could peak at 32C in London.

Coping in the heat

Heatwaves always split the nation.

Even if you think you cope well in baking heat it's never worth taking any risk. UV levels will be high and we'll have the humidity to match making it feel very close and uncomfortable.

Cooling off in the shade and drinking plenty of water will keep you from falling faint.

Choose a high factor suntan lotion, preferably higher than 15 SPF for the best protection.

For more on the rising heat and a 'Spanish Plume', read what the Met Office say about it right here.

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