'There are many ways of being smart' - School's inspirational exam results letter to 11-year-old students

A school in Lancashire has won praise from parents and teachers around the country thanks to a letter sent to students which reminded them: "There are many ways of being smart".

Barrowford Primary School send the message to 11-year-old pupils to accompany their Key Stage Two results.

It began by congratulating the students for the hard work put into their exams but said teachers were "concerned" that the test results did not tell the whole story.

A photograph of the letter spread across Britain earlier this week, receiving tens of thousands of retweets on Twitter.

Amy Birkett, assistant head teacher at the school, told Good Morning Britain: "This letter went out in the context of our best results yet.

"We tell our children all the time that it's really important to achieve and we work in an ethos where it's really positive to struggle and where it's really positive to be determined and positive about our learning.

"This is what we say all the time to our children. They worked so hard during that week in May but it's also about everything they've done in the whole seven years of being at our school as well."

It later emerged that much of the school's letter had been taken from an American blog post written in October 2013 which had been based on a piece by American Mary Ginley.