By Carl Dinnen, ITV News Political Correspondent.

You can almost hear the scraping on the floorboards as the coalition beds are pulled apart.

The Liberal Democrats are all but abandoning the so-called 'bedroom tax'. Their not unreasonable excuse is that it hasn't worked. Only 1 in 20 of those affected have actually managed to move to a smaller property.

But the Conservatives feel betrayed, they say the Lib Dems never argued for this in private. Labour remain completely opposed to the 'tax' and say this change of heart from the Lib Dems is an act of 'unbelievable hypocrisy'.

And Labour will now set a parliamentary trap by calling for a vote on scrapping the policy.

Meanwhile the Lib Dems and the Tories are increasingly uneasily sharing the same coalition bedroom, claiming they will do right up until the election. But the gap between the beds is getting bigger.