The MH17 crash site sprawls 10 kilometres across beautiful green fields - but it scars the earth

By Laura Wilshaw - ITV News editor

The crash site is spread far and wide over 10 kilometres. It sits in beautiful green fields under blue skies - but it scars the earth.

After 48 hours it looks like little has changed since the moment MH17 plunged 33,000 feet from the sky.

The fuselage still protrudes. Possessions lie strewn. But it is the bodies that are the hardest to comprehend. Today for the first time they were being put into body bags and moved to the side of the road.But there are many that still lie where they fell.

Parts of the aircraft sprawl across a 10km area. Credit: ITV News

You can see them clearly. What they wore. What colour their hair is. What nail varnish they used.This indignity in full view is only compounded by the pro-Russian separatists who only allow the international observers limited access. They loom over the site with balaclavas and AK-47s as the OSCE spends precious hours there.

Possessions lie strewn. Credit: ITV News

The OSCE says the separatists lack leadership structure and that hundreds and hundreds more people are needed to deal with the situation.What is clear to see is that an urgent response is required. There is no sign of the black box. There are suggestions parts of the plane have been moved and reports that bodies have been taken. There are now reports of looting.

Warning this footage contains distressing images:

And amongst all this, far away from here, there are families of the 298 passengers and crew watching this uncertain, volatile and hellish situation unfold.