An awful day and the bloodiest of the offensive in Gaza

By ITV News diplomatic correspondent John Ray

It's been a bloody day. An awful day.And for Israel the first day that the consequences of this war have come home. They've lost more soldiers in one day than in the 3 week duration of their last invasion of Gaza in 2008-9.

In a nation where every family has someone in the army, or knows some-one serving, it will be felt personally.The loss of life is of course much worse in Gaza.That will add urgency to the diplomatic efforts to find peace.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, caught between American tv interviews, was hear to say, with heavy irony, of the Israeli campaign;"Hell of a pinpoint operation.'' He's heading to the Middle East tomorrow. "It's crazy to be sitting around,'' he said.

But the fact is the deaths will do nothing to change the calculation on either.Hamas will claim every Israeli death as a victory.

Many have been left distraught. Credit: ITV News
The streets of Gaza. Credit: ITV News

As for Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, he seems set to further escalate the action."No war is more righteous than ours,'' he told his nation tonight.So a bloody day on both sides - and there'll be more.