Charlie the dog showers crying baby with gifts after stealing her toy

A video of a dog bringing a crying baby gifts after he steals her toy has proved to be a hit on YouTube, gaining over a million views.

Charlie the beagle appears to feel instantly guilty when he makes baby Laura cry by stealing one of her toys before proceeding to bring her as many gifts as he can find as a way of saying sorry.

Charlie brings her soft dolls, a tennis ball, and even a PlayStation controller to compensate for his actions.

Laura's father, who uploaded the clip, says the dog and his daughter are still "best friends".

But she was soon content after Charlie's presents. Credit: YouTube/CharlieDaDog
The adorable clip has been viewed over a million times. Credit: YouTube/CharlieDaDog

The dog has even had a Facebook page created on his behalf, which has so far attracted over 2,500 likes.