Miami teenager Lele Pons becomes first Vine user to reach one billion loops

Miami teenager Lele Pons has become the first Vine user to reach over a billion plays.

Vine is a video-sharing site owned by Twitter which allows users to create and share short looping films of six seconds or less.

The loop counts add up the number of times videos have been viewed.

Lele Pons' videos show the teenager performing outrageous stunts with her friends and have attracted 3.4 million followers to her page.

Miss Pons posted a video with a message to thank all of her viewers.


  • 15.4K revines

  • 3,194,5587 loops

Watch some of the teenager's most popular posts

This short video shows Lele Pons and her friend re-enacting the moment there is only one item left in the store, and sees the pair fighting off each other as they race for the last DVD.


  • 173.8K revines

  • 16,223,984 loops

Described as a "slap gone wrong", this video shows the hilarious moment a stranger gets the blame and receives a slap for Lele Pons' brave stunt.


  • 201.6K revines

  • 11,773, 801 loops

This clip shows Lele Pons emphasise the awful clothes her dad chooses for her in comparison to her mum.


  • 117.8K revines

  • 9,238,253 loops

In this short clip the teenager exaggerates the feeling of watching a 3D movie.


  • 100.1K revines

  • 7,308,991 loops