The lasting friendship that emerged from the suffering of WW1

ITV News Correspondent Rohit Kachroo reports

The death of an Indian soldier during battle in World War I led to the forming of a friendship between two families that has endured for a century.

Manta Singh, who had been sent from India to help the British war effort, rushed to his captain George Henderson's aid after he was shot in both legs.

Despite saving his captain's life, he lost his own during the rescue.

Mr Singh and Mr Henderson's sons subsequently fought together in World War Two - a second generation of wartime comrades.

Their sons subsequently fought together during World War Two. Credit: ITV News

And now their sons and grandsons, Ian Henderson and Jaimal Singh Johal are peacetime friends.

"I certainly wouldn't be here but for Manta Singh," Henderson admits.

Manta Singh's sacrifice is honoured on a memorial in Brighton. Credit: ITV News

"For that reason we see the 5th generation of my family meet the 5th family of the Jahal family, I'm keen to see it endure.

"You could say it's a centenary friendship," Mr Henderson said as he embraced his friend.

Jaimal Singh said he was "very proud" that his grandfather had given his life for Britain.

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A strong friendship has emerged from the carnage and suffering of WW1. Credit: ITV News

"Out of suffering and carnage emerged act of heroism which both families recognise for what it was, transcended most standards, out of that has emerged a strong friendship which surpasses normal events," Henderson added.

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