Poignant MH17 debris remains unguarded at crash site

A mangled section of the plane was discovered in a forest near the main crash site in Grabovo, eastern Ukraine. Credit: Ben England/ITV News

There are small pockets of belongings that surround the wreckage at the edge of the woods.

It's the largest piece of MH17 that's been found so far - a giant section, torn open, that now lies where it fell through the trees.

Surrounded by greenery the metal frame is twisted, but largely in tact. Branches lie broken beneath it and the sky is a circle of blue above it.

The OSCE think it's part of the economy class section of the plane from about row 22. There are 16 windows and they're not shattered.

There is still no official investigation into the incident which saw Flight MH17 downed, killing all 298 passengers on board. Credit: Laura Wilshaw/ITV News

There's a shoe nearby but a little further on in the fields are many more possessions. Two Dutch passports lie on the ground, a handbag, some biscuits, a box of chocolates.

The OSCE said today they found yet more human remains in those fields.

Several windows remained unshattered despite the crash landing. Credit: Laura Wilshaw/ITV News

The wreckage covers such a vast area that it's impossible to imagine there won't be more discoveries of plane, of possessions, of people - but it will take time. Eight days on there is still no proper investigation here.

When the OSCE and the small team of Dutch and Australian experts aren't at the sites the plane and its cargo sits unguarded.

The pro-Russian soldiers have packed up and gone. The debris and the belongings remain visible among the wild flowers for anyone to see.