'Batman' spotted hanging around city centre

'Batman' says his aim is to save people from misery by putting a smile on their faces. Credit: SWNS

A mysterious caped crusader who dresses as Batman has been spotted hanging from bus stops and landmarks around a city centre.

The unidentified "superhero" has become an internet sensation after suspending himself by his ankles in broad daylight in various Nottingham locations.

He claims his superpower is to make people laugh and says his aim is to save the world from impending misery by putting a smile on people's faces.

But although he lives near the real Gotham in Nottingham, the Batman impersonator is no Bruce Wayne.

All he will reveal is that he is a plasterer with a five-year-old son and is also a drummer in a band.

'Batman' surprises these people with his hanging antics. Credit: SWNS

On his Facebook page, the superhero said: "There aren’t enough people smiling these days and there are too many negative things happening in the world. As long as people are smiling, that’s what it’s all about."

He hopes to become a "figurehead of fun in Nottingham" and is asking the public to take pictures of him or photo-bomb him and upload the snaps to Facebook and Twitter so he will go viral.

Hanging from his ankles again. But how does he stay up there? Credit: SWNS

He even has a trusty sidekick, although he only describes himself as more of a Joker character than a Robin.

There’s also good news for the ladies – Batman is single, and is on the lookout for his very own Catwoman.

Batman is ready for action is front of Nottingham's Wollaton Hall. Credit: SWNS

The Batman sightings come months after the sinister 'Northampton Clown' became an internet sensation after dozens of pictures emerged of him standing in the town at night.